Alright…it’s time.

Dear Brands:  You’re Not As Awesome As You Think.  Consumer don’t actually want to talk with you or receive all your marketing messages.  Nope, that consumer doesn’t want to pay to download your kick a** branded app that you’ve spent a year making ‘awesome’.  Nope, consumers don’t want to actually hear all about how awesome you are either.  And ultimately consumers still hate being ‘advertised’ to – if anything they hate it more because they are smarter, more aware and empowered in the digital age.

So what cha gonna do about it?  Make a new branded app?  Create a new cool game all about your awesome products?  Make a second screen experience all about you and your fantastic services?


You could put the consumer first.  It’s a bit of work…just like putting our friends, family or significant others needs first over ours.  BUT it’s well worth it in the end. So how do you do this in your marketing in the digital age?  Here’s a few tips to make sure you’re putting the consumer first, and remembering how awesome you aren’t.

1. If your friends (who don’t work at your company) would never in their life download your app, play with your FB game or want to visit your microsite experience… you’re likely thinking of you first.

2. If the entire experience is about your brand, products, & how to buy them – then you’ve made an ad in a new format.  When’s the last time you sat and played with a print ad, TV ad or banner ad? Or the last time you said “oh man I really want to spray XYZ branded shaving cream at aliens today..lets find that Gillette game!”  Make sure you are considering the difference between ads/marketing materials and engagements, lifestyle experiences.  Consumers have varying expectations from both.

3. Provide a benefit –  Enhance, improve or entertain the consumer’s life.  As a brand you believe your product or service has a place in the consumer’s life.  Yes consumer products usually provide an inherent benefit of their own (usually), but unless that product is revolutionary you are surrounded with clutter and noise.  For your marketing to stand out or your digital footprint (websites, apps, etc) these need to enhance, improve or entertain, BOTTOM LINE!  Think through the eyes of your target consumer…what’s in it for them not YOU.  .  As you build digital engagements, marketing programs, social extensions consider these additional arms of your product.  They should enhance a consumers life in some way so they add value and don’t fall to the waist side.

5. Put yourself in their shoes – try them on.  As you build your next marketing concept, consider the audience and if THEY will think it’s as cool.  Maybe do some research on the consumer’s behaviors and passion points to make sure you’re heading in the right direction.  If you’re building an augmented reality game – make sure your consumer knows what the heck that is and how to download it before you go to far making something more for yourself



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