In today’s world anyone can be a content creator, whether or not they should.  I’ve debated a blog for a long time, but similar to twitter, I just didn’t feel I had something unique or important enough to ‘shout’ to the world.  Over the past couple years I’ve realized I DO have something to say, and hope it is valuable to people out there.

Inspiration for this blog has been numerous experiences with two types of people: 1. The marketer who doesn’t get and doesn’t want to get ‘digital’.  and 2. The marketer who thinks everything HAS to be digital and only digital and jumps to tactics. 

This blog is to ground us all (including me!).  Digital is a silly word and an overly general ‘bucket’. Let’s not forget ‘marketing’.   If we stay rooted in insights, consumer behavior, putting our consumer’s needs/desires first we will succeed.  Is it harder in a digital world, yes, but even though we learned to walk, we didn’t remove our arms, we found a new use for them…

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