Where the heck did I go?

After a few years off, I recently got a nice swift kick in the a** from a person I really respect. When presented the question of, “Why did you stop blogging?”, I felt pretty crummy because I didn’t have that great of an answer. Were the last few years insane? Yes! But isn’t that the case for a lot of people? As someone who preaches that sharing of information, learning, use cases and opinions is crucial to the industry evolving, here I was sitting back. Sure I was speaking at events and dialoguing on the disruption we are all facing, but I wasn’t really practicing what I preach, which is to share and be transparent.

So here I am, I’m back. It has been a heck of a few years though! Since I was most active on the blog there were two major moves from CA to CO and then CO back to CA. There was the birth of my daughter, which equates to the meaning of my life and the sucker of all writing time I used to have. 😉 There was also the diagnosis and eventual passing of my father. Somewhere in there I managed to work with the most incredible team, meet many new friends and start off on a new adventure in the beauty industry. It has been a wild few years, but I’m back on the horse and hope some of you enjoy what I have to share.

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